Why Weight Watchers Is Not For you!

Weight Watchers?



Weight Watchers is a dietary system that help people lose weight, feel better and become

healthier. It is all done on a point system, based on your weight and the amount of weight you want to lose,

you will be given a point target per day. Each food has been allocated a s

pecific number of points, that will

be taken away from your daily point target.

The “healthier” the food groups the lower the points and “unhealthy” food groups the higher the points.

Now, I am all for getting people to eat healthier, eating more whole foods – like vegetables but this way of

thinking is going to creating a bad relationship with food. Labelling food with higher points, not only

restricts people’s food choices but puts a bad mark on that food or that food group.


This will not help with long term sustainability and 9 time out of 10 once people leave weight watchers

they put the weight back on due to the restrictiveness of the program and no longer have guidance and

accountability. They should be educating their members on food and how to live a life of balance, as at the

end of the day the key to weight loss is a negative energy balance, meaning eat less than you did before.


I always say to my clients that you could eat 2000 calories a day to lose weight and consume mars bars, you

would still lose weight, it is just not healthy. So, having a balanced diet without restrictions will still help

you lose weight, you will enjoy it more and have a better relationship with food Therefore, you can then still

go to social events, enjoy the foods you like all without having a break down as you do not know how many

points this food is.



Now for those of you who are reading this and are a member of weight watchers or been so in the past and

thinking that what I am saying is crap and you have had good results from it, that is good, well done. I am

saying that the majority of the population looking to lose weight/body fat will not benefit from this in the

long run.


However, even though weight watchers in my opinion is not worth your investment and should be spent on

a personal trainer, there are some pros to it. The community aspect, where you have a group of people all

aiming for the same goal – to lose weight, feel better about themselves and improve their health.

This is going to have a big impact on the adherence to the plan, if everyone is supporting each other and a

little friendly competition never hurt anyone.


There are pro’s and con’s in using the weight watchers system but for me personally I think the con’s are

not worth the pro’s. I would find a better approach that you know you can stick to and be consistent.

Do not put any restrictions on your diet, eat in moderation, become more active.


Invest in educating yourself in nutrition – learn more about whole foods, and calories etc and find out why

you don’t have to restrict/ban the foods you enjoy.


This is going to be a lot better for long time sustainability and consistency, leading to better results. It will

not impact your lifestyle either, I mean who wants to go to a meeting every week and get weighed in front

of everyone? Who wants to buy specific weight watchers food for the rest of their lives because it helps

them track nutrition points? I would rather enjoy a nice evening at home or whatever you prefer to do in

your spare time and eat what you bloody want!!


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