Training Series – Chest Development

Training Series

Best 5 exercises to Develop your Chest Muscles


As the best exercises to develop your back muscles was so popular, I have decided to do a training series,

looking at each major individual muscle group in to body to give you the best exercises to help boost your

physique and help you build a workout around them.


So, this week’s article is going to be about your chest muscles. First, we are going to briefly look at the

anatomy of the pec muscles and the movements they help create, as this will give you a better

understanding out how they work and why each exercise is helping to develop them.


So, there are two muscles that make up the chest, pec major and pec minor. They are located across the

chest bone, collar bone and insert onto the arm. The movements they help create are bring your arm

towards the body and assists in movements at the shoulder.


A few tips that you need to remember while performing the exercises to really maximise results.

  • Lock your shoulders blades in and down while performing each rep
  • Work on your upper back/shoulder mobility and strengthen these muscles to.
  • Work within your active range – were you can feel the muscle working


Now let’s get to the best exercises that will help you develop your chest muscles.


Number 1) Chest Dips

They great at adding size and strength to your pec muscles. Dips can be performed on a parallel bar, which

is unassisted but can use resistance bands to help if needed or an assisted dip machine. This is a hard

exercise technically, so some of the exercises below may be a better starting point.


Number 2) BB Press

Barbell bench press is another great exercise to develop your chest muscles, by adding lean muscle and

improving strength. Focus on contracting the muscle throughout the whole movement and control. The

bench should be flat but there are other variations you can do, see below.


Number 3) Incline BB Press

This is a different variation of the BB press; the bench will be at an incline and therefore slight hits a

different part of the chest muscles. This focuses more on the upper chest, so hits more of pec minor.

However, each individual is different, and you will need to find your active range to determine what part of

the chest this exercise hits. Also think of chest bone angle to really create an incline movement.3e


Number 4) DB NG Press and other alternatives

Dumbbell press is similar to barbell movements, but it is a unilateral movement and can highlight your left

to right difference in strength. NG = Neutral grip is a good to do, to hit the triceps a bit more but makes it

easier to lift slightly heavier and good for beginners to the gym to get used to the movement. This exercise

can be done, flat, incline, decline to hit all angles for development.



Number 5) Chest Flyes

You can’t have a chest workout to develop your chest without any cable exercises. Cables are great at

helping keep tension within the muscle throughout. You don’t have to perform just flyes it can also be

pressing movements also. With the flye focus on your elbows coming together, not your hands! This will

help get a better squeeze when coming back up getting and a better contraction aid muscle growth.


There you have it, my top 5 chest development exercises. If you find any of the above too difficult, work on

resistance machines for a while, focus on the 3 tips to maximise your results and then move onto free

weights. This will help you develop the strength and understanding you need to progress.


Alternatively, book a free taster session with me at Our Gym personal training page or head to and contact me there directly.


Train hard and be ready to change!!