Rob’s Testimonial

David teaches you it’s not just how you look, but it’s how you feel. It’s not how much you can lift, it’s about lifting what you can correctly. It’s not about eating less food and less often, it’s about eating the right food, and at the right time. He isn’t just a walking talking rep counter there to look after you once or twice a week in the gym.

He wants to make sure you’re doing the right thing in all aspects of your health, with David’s help over the last few weeks, I not only think I look healthier on the outside, but I feel happier and healthier on the inside.
With no prior experience in weight training and only sporadic gym sessions under my belt, David has taught me how to train correctly, and what’s best to eat to improve all aspects of my fitness.
His encouragement, both inside and outside of the gym and his infectious positive attitude, help drive you towards your goals.

Don’t have any doubts about starting a plan with Fit Ambition. If you want to improve, with Davids help, you will!