Fiona Testimonial

I chose to train with David because he made me confident that he could help me achieve my goals.  I’ve been training with him for nine months, one on one and online and I’m amazed at how much I’ve transformed physically.

David has pushed me hard when we trained one on one and online. He has also encouraged me to push myself hard when I train on my own.  He has taught me that the training continues outside of the gym, in my everyday life. It’s a journey, it’s bloody hard work and it is up to me to do it, if I want to achieve my goals.

Some of the great things about training with David is that he’s built up my confidence, now I will happily walk into any gym and train on my own.  I get compliments on my physique from friends, family and complete strangers!! And I do look totally awesome and I haven’t even reached my goals yet.