Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Our online coaching service gives you unrestricted access to our expert coaching through our dedicated virtual training platform MyPTHub. The service is aimed at self motivated individuals who know their way around a gym or beginners, both looking to boost their results and take the guess work out of their training. Each program will be designed specifically for the individual based on your goals, fitness levels and experience.   

So if you are looking to hire a coach to - 

  • Improve your body shape 
  • Build lean muscle tissue and tone up
  • Feel and look better
  • Support and accountability

If you any of the above sound like you and your goals, then Fit Ambition is the right for you. You will be a great fit to train with us and would love to hear from you!

 All training programs are tailored to your needs and goals, nutrition and supplement protocols are all included.

Results may vary!

Nutrition Plan

The nutrition plan you will receive during your online training package will be specific to your current lifestyle and your fitness goals.
We will not stop you eating the foods that you enjoy or make you eat foods you do not like but we do require you do track your food/calories and eat healthier.
As your journey continues, your nutrition will evolve around your lifestyle and the results you achieve.

Weekly Check-ins

The check - ins during your training period with us will be weekly. The check in's are normally Saturday and Sunday, where we discuss any concerns/questions that you may have from the previous weeks. You will be required to submit body measurements and weekly average weight on the check-in dates provided at the start of your online coaching, along with your most recent progress photos. This is to ensure you are progressing and adhering to the plan or if we need to make any changes to improve your results.

Training Protocol

Just as the nutrition plan is all specific to you, so is your training program. It will give you the best possible chance of achieving your goals if you work hard and follow it.
It will take into account any injuries that you may have and training history.
The workout plan will be focus around weight training as this is the best form of exercise to lose body fat and build muscle to improve your shape and tone your body.

Supplement Protocol

The supplement protocol will be covered during the consultation and these supplements will need to be purchased to maximise results but also to ensure optimal health and recovery.
The main 5 supplements that are required are as follows

  • Fish Oil/Omega 3’s
  • Multi-Vitamin
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D
  • Probiotic

These supplements help with a number of important functions in the body and due to the modern day diet and lifestyle the population is severely deficient in most of the above. They will not only help your health but improve the results you achieve while working with us.

Only £33.75 a week!

Fit Ambition