How to eat well while having a busy life!

How to eat well while having a busy life


I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone say to me that they struggle to eat healthy as they are

so busy.  This is a poor excuse and is not acceptable if your health and goals are important to you.


No matter, I am going to tell you a few ways of going about making time to ensure you eat well and healthy

when having a busy lifestyle.



The first one is too prep all your weekly meals on the weekend. Most people have a lot more time on the

weekends to cook food and spend a little more time prepping. Remember ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail!’


This will ensure that all your food is ready to eat, when you need it. You will not be searching for food or

choosing the wrong food that will not help your goals. Therefore, this helps with adherence and improves

your results.


The second one is that if you do not have time to prep food, when you are working and looking to pick up

food, make sure you are not hungry when doing so. When we are hungry we search for anything and

normally leads to bad choices, so a good trick is to not go food shopping hungry.


This next tip ties in with the second one, that when you are picking up food, make the right choices! There

are plenty of good ready available food that you can buy i.e. ready cooked chicken, nuts, avocados etc. So

when you say you can’t find anything ready available that is healthy is bulls**t, it is just an excuse and




These are the best ways to help you eat while having a busy lifestyle, use these little tips and I promise your

results will come faster.


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