Get lean while still drinking alcohol!

Get lean while still drinking alcohol!

This article is going to talk about how you can still get relatively lean while enjoying a few glasses of wine or your favourite alcoholic drink.

It is popular belief that you must only eat chicken and vegetables and only drink water to get in decent shape. Now this is not entirely true, good from a health aspect but if you are purely looking to drop body fat and look better, then all you need to do is eat less than before.

Now alcohol does contain calories that has no nutritional benefit to us, the human body, so you may have heard the term empty calories when referring to alcohol. The calories from alcohol is 7 kcal (calories) per gram, which is almost as high as the macronutrient fat, which contains 9kcal per gram. So, you can see that alcohol is very calorific, especially if you are going on a weekend bender, as those calories will add up.

Now there is a way in which you can still get relatively lean and still enjoy yourself with a couple of drinks at the weekend and I am going to tell you a few ways you can do so in this article.

  1. Choose a drink that contains fewer calories or mix your spirits with a zero calorie or diet version, such as Diet Coke or slimline tonic. These fizzy drinks contain zero sugar and calories, which helps when trying to be health cautious on a night out. The alcohol that contains fewer are spirits, such as gin or vodka, so mix them with the suggested mixers and it will help reduce the calorie content of you booze.
  2. Know your limits! I am all about having a good time but most people go too far and don’t need to and just keep drinking for the sake of drinking. Decide on the number of drinks you are going to have that night and stick to it, you will still have a good time while watching that waist line – think about your long-term goals instead short-term fun.
  3. Keep hydrated. Alcohol dehydrates you, which is bad for your health and body shape goals. Hydration is linked to the bodies ability to burn body fat and build lean tissue, which is critical to changing shape. A good way to avoid this is to have a ratio of 1:2. For every alcoholic drink, have two glasses of water in-between. This will keep the body hydrated and helps with that hangover too.
  4. This is properly the biggest tip to follow that will save you and your waist line while having a good time – leave that kebab in the shop after a night out!! I have been there and done it. After a heavy night of partying and drinking is to go and get a greasy takeaway, now while this sounds like a good idea at the time it does not help that fat loss goal. Instead go home and drink a lot of water if you haven’t done tip 3 in the night and eat something lower in calories from home such as a few slices of toast. This will save you around 1000+ calories from not eating a takeaway.

Follow this advice and get lean or maintain your body shape, while still having fun. If you want some more help on creating a nutrition plan that helps take your party life into account and have a training program that is going to get your results, then check out our BioPrint or Online Coaching packages.