Best 5 Exercises to Develop your Back Muscles

Best 5 Exercises to Develop your Back Muscles


This week’s article is all about developing your back muscles. This is to build strength, improve posture and develop that v-taper for your physique.


The back muscles are important to give you that wide look, that If you want to appear bigger or wider then it is essential to train them. Use a multiple of these exercises within your upper or specific back day.


Number 1) Chin ups/Pull ups

  • If squats are the king of lower body training, then these are the king to develop the back muscles.
  • They are awesome at developing strength and building lean muscle tissue. However, they are very difficult if you have not done them before! There are ways of making them easier to perform, you could either use an assisted pull up machine or use a resistance band to help on the lift yourself up.


Muscles being worked

  • Most of back but mainly lats (side of back muscles), biceps (arm), shoulders and abs.


Number 2) Rows

  • Rows are the second go to exercise to develop your back muscles. Most people will generally be a lot stronger in this movement than the pull ups, therefore can lift fairly heavyweights, which is important when wanting to change your physique. There are lots of variations of the row movements and various equipment can be used, barbell’s (BB) and dumbbells (DB) are most popular.


Muscles being worked

  • The mid back muscles and some lats, biceps, shoulders and abs


Number 3) Lat Pull Down

  • The lat pull down is a great exercise to really isolate the back muscles and it is a great alternative to pull ups, if you currently struggle with them. It is a similar movement and works the same muscles.


Muscles being worked

  • Lats, rhomboids/lower traps, biceps and shoulders


Number 4) Deadlift and variations

  • This is not specifically a back exercise, but it does work your back muscles, if you are performing the exercise correctly. Due to the natural of the exercise, and being a leg dominant movement, you can load this exercise up with a lot of weight. Deadlifts are a big compound movement and hits most of the body, brilliant if looking to improve strength and physique.


Muscles being worked

  • All posterior (back) muscle groups, upper and lower.


Number 5) Straight arm pull downs

  • This is similar to a lat pull down, but you are standing and arms are straight. It is a harder version of the lat pull down but is a great way at varying your workouts.


Muscles being worked

  • Lats, triceps, shoulders, abs


These are my top 5 back exercises and the different variations of each one, most should be included within your back workout weekly. If you are doing full body sessions then included 2 of the above, personally I would choose chins and rows, deadlifts will be chosen for lower body exercises.


If you have found this useful, what other muscles should I cover? Send me an email from the website or DM me on social media, this also goes for any advice or questions you may have.


Train hard and be ready to change!!