Are You A Week Dieter?

Are you a Week Dieter?

This week we are looking at a very common thing that I see must people go wrong with when it comes to dropping body fat and nutrition.

Have you heard of the week dieter? If you haven’t, I am sure it will not be too hard to work out what this phase means.

It is where you are conscious of your nutrition and food choices during the week but once the week is over, the gloves come off and you binge. This could be for a number of reasons but the most common one is you associate your working week (Monday to Friday) with healthy nutrition and exercise, then once the weekend comes you relax and de-stress, which normally involves alcohol and crap food. Therefore, all your hard work during the week, from training hard to nutrition is undone.

Now there is nothing wrong with being a little more relaxed on your nutrition if that helps you relax but you still need to make those conscious efforts to keep within your calorie limit to keep fat loss dropping, and not go back to where you started.

Have you ever been thinking to yourself why I am not changing shape, even though I train 3x a week or more and eat healthy?

This is sorely due to the fact you are over eating at the weekend and this is causing you not to get results.

Let’s us take an average person weighting 180lbs, you then x this number between 10 and 12 to give you the number of calories per day to burn body fat and lose weight. Another way you could do this would be to work out your calorie maintenance, to maintain your weight by X by 14 or 15, then remove between 250 to 500 calories from that total.

(180 x 10 – 12 = 1800) or (180 x 14 – 15 = 2520 – 250 – 500 = 2020)

Still with me?

Now the number of calories between the two is slightly different and this depends on the rate of fat loss you want to achieve and if you have a specific deadline. I personally will always recommend going slightly lower, so the 1800 calories as you can always bring this number up slight if you start to struggle, with energy, mood and other physical affects associated on being on a lower calorie diet.

So, we now know that your daily calories are 1800, we now need to work out your weekly calories so we x 1800 by 7, which gives us 12,600 calories across the week. Great, so for 5 days you are hitting this target or slightly under, then the weekend comes you blow your calories up and this is causing you not to lose any weight/fat because you could be hitting 3000+ calories at the weekend on both days or more on a Saturday if you are going “out out” which is taking you over your weekly calorie maintenance.

Make sense?

If you are getting confused by the numbers, you can keep it really simple and basically you are eating too much bloody crap food at the weekend!!

To help with this adjust your allowance in the week to accommodate for a heavier weekend, so make calories lower and make them higher at the weekend. As long as you stay within your 12,600 calories during the whole week, this will keep you on track to lose body fat and change your body shape.

If you are confused with any of the information above, why not book a ‘FREE’ consultation with me and we can sit down and discuss this with you in depth and see what we can do to help you!!