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Online coaching a flexible and results focused program. Available in 12 and 16 weeks and 1 year Program’s – Individualised Training, Nutrition and Supplement protocols are all included.

Personal Training Packages

How can personal training benefit you?
Personal training is for someone who is looking to change there body shape by either dropping body fat or building lean muscle, it could even be both. 
We design are training programs based on your individual goals, we gather as much data as possible, including body fat testing and an in-depth questionnaire about you!

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I chose to train with David because he made me confident that he could help me achieve my goals.  I’ve been training with him for nine months, one on one and online and I’m amazed at how much I’ve transformed physically.

David has pushed me hard when we trained one on one and online. He has also encouraged me to push myself hard when I train on my own.  He has taught me that the training continues outside of the gym, in my everyday life. It’s a journey, it’s bloody hard work and it is up to me to do it, if I want to achieve my goals.

Some of the great things about training with David is that he’s built up my confidence, now I will happily walk into any gym and train on my own.  I get compliments on my physique from friends, family and complete strangers!! And I do look totally awesome and I haven’t even reached my goals yet.

Fiona Testimonial

David’s training style is calm and confident. He is clearly knowledgeable about his craft and he’s gentle, non-judgemental and patient in helping you reach your goals – Shaddy, mum of two.

Shaddy Testimonial

Gemma’s 6 week result.

Gemma would to improve her body shape, tone her legs and bum.

Gemma Testimonial

Here is what Dom had to say about working with Fit Ambition…..

“I have recently completed one of Dave’s 12 week BioPrint transformation programmes and couldn’t be happier with the results!! Over the 12 weeks I have lost approx. 6% body fat and gained about 5kg in muscle mass. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve those stats if it wasn’t for the customised workouts and nutrition plans that Dave made for me to help me progress towards my goals.

I knew that I would always be able to drop Dave a message with any questions I’d have over the course or the 12 weeks. When we trained together, he’d always push me to my limits and teach me the right ways to train for my body type. Meaning now that whenever I train by myself, I am able to push myself more than ever before so that I can move closer and closer to my next goals.

David always wants to continue expanding his knowledge so that he can provide the best service for his clients. Using this knowledge, he’d always be sure to tweak my plan if things needed changing based on my lifestyle and routine.

I am so thankful that I chose to take one of Dave’s transformation programmes and I think anyone who wants to change their body or even just a push in the right direction should definitely consider FitAmbition as I can guarantee it will be money well spent!!”

Dominic’s Testimonial

David teaches you it’s not just how you look, but it’s how you feel. It’s not how much you can lift, it’s about lifting what you can correctly. It’s not about eating less food and less often, it’s about eating the right food, and at the right time. He isn’t just a walking talking rep counter there to look after you once or twice a week in the gym.

He wants to make sure you’re doing the right thing in all aspects of your health, with David’s help over the last few weeks, I not only think I look healthier on the outside, but I feel happier and healthier on the inside.
With no prior experience in weight training and only sporadic gym sessions under my belt, David has taught me how to train correctly, and what’s best to eat to improve all aspects of my fitness.
His encouragement, both inside and outside of the gym and his infectious positive attitude, help drive you towards your goals.

Don’t have any doubts about starting a plan with Fit Ambition. If you want to improve, with Davids help, you will!

Rob’s Testimonial



“My goal for 2016 was to get fitter and leaner for my wedding at the end of the year. With David’s help and knowledge in the last 12 weeks I have managed to loss 10.2 kg and drop 5.8% body fat. David has encouraged and supported me throughout the 12 weeks, and given great advice when needed. His workouts were tailored to my needs and always pushed me. I’m very happy with the whole experience and would recommend David to anyone wanting to loss weight, get fitter and leaner or who just needs a kick start!”

Ryan Knowles Testimonial Ryan Knowles

Week 1

Body fat percentage - 20%

Muscle Mass - 69.3kg

Week 20

Body fat percentage - 9.7%

Muscle Mass - 70kg

“I decided to hire a Personal Trainer as I felt I needed someone to give me objectionable advice, and information that was relevant. This was mainly due to sometimes questioning my own methods, and knowledge, and so working with a Trainer helped me to clarify exactly what I needed to do to achieve my own goals.

Its important to work with someone you believe can help you gain the results you want, and I initially noticed Dave was BioPrint qualified which from I had heard, meant he had attended a course taught by one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry, Charles Poliquin.  Any Personal Trainer who  is willing to spend their own on money to further their skills and knowledge is worth considering, and I couldn’t wait to get started.

Dave was able to measure my bodyfat and muscle mass using callipers, and this was a weekly occurrence to ensure the nutritional and exercise protocol he set me was having the desired affect. He also recommended I use nutritional supplements to increase my results which I did. Across the 20 weeks I worked with Dave I went from 20% bodyfat down to 9.7%.  Which is an average of 1% fat loss every 2 weeks, and I managed to maintain my muscle mass. I am very happy with my results, and am considering working with Dave to help with my next goal which is to gain some muscle, now I’m lean. Thanks for your help Dave”

Dan’s Testimonial Dan Behr

“My goal at the start of the was to lose body fat. With David’s help and guidance, I’ve also managed to gain some muscle too! I’ve managed to loose over 21.5% body fat! Total weight loss is now 9.5kg. It has been a real challenge for me both mentally and physically but I’ve really enjoyed it. The change in my nutrition has been immense but I now see it as a lifestyle change rather than a diet.

As I’ve gotten leaner, progress has started to slow but I know with hard work and David’s coaching I’ll get to my goal. It is super tough at times but if you want something you’ve got to work hard for it
If you want to make changes to your body and health don’t hesitate to get in touch with David.”

Michelle’s Testimonial Michelle
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About David

David has been in the fitness industry for 4 years, he has always had a passion for health and fitness playing football at a young age, having trials for Watford and Cambridge United.

David began his journey to becoming a coach at the age of 16 when he started resistance training at his school, from there on he knew he wanted to help people get in shape and feel good about exercise the way he did.

Since qualifying, David is always looking to improve his knowledge by going on courses with some of the best coaches in the industry, day seminars and online coaching programs to be able give the best advice and coaching to his clients. He specialises in body transformations, changing your body shape. Whether that be improving your muscle definition or helping you to reduce body fat, improving your appearance. The most important part of your transformation is your health, we prioritise your health above all, while still achieving your fitness goals as this is the wealth of what fitness is all about. 

Certifications and Awards

  • Personal Training L2/3
  • BioPrint Level 1 - Body Composition/Body Fat Testing
  • BioPrint Level 2 - Adrenal Fatigue and Gut Health
  • Precision Nutrition Coach L1
  • Phil Learney Advance Coaching Academy
  • UP Fitness Transformation Seminar
  • M10 Physique Development Seminar

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